Mini Me

856D5B19-2278-4A0F-9368-E7C4DA9F18C7“When you leave the house you are a reflection of me!” “Everything you do, how you look, and what you say is a reflection of everyone in this household “ so be mindful of your actions!
Something I often heard leaving the house as a child. If I was having a sleep over at my grandmothers, or going to the mall with my God mother and God sisters my mother made it a point to give me this very speech before I left the house. I now find it difficult not to give my children this same speech as they go about their daily activities. Often times we place so much energy into what we look like and how we dress (although your outer appearance plays a major part of your overall reflection) I think we often times forget that what’s  inside can add so much value to the overall outer appearance.
When most think about their reflection some think about what they see In the mirror, others think about who is looking back at them in a puddle. When I think of “reflection”I think of my children and what I want them to be, along with the values and the morals I want them to have. How I see myself will often times reflect within them. They are my reason, my stop when I want to sometimes go and my go when I want to sometimes stop lol, my care when I don’t feel like it, and my voice when I am not confident enough to speak. Things that I won’t do for me I will for them. They are my push to be better, to be the change that we all want to see in the world.
This clothing line is a family affair. We will be offering Mommy and Me clothing Daddy and Me clothing and everything else in between. What’s the difference between us and other clothing lines? It’s simple! It’s not just Clothing it’s a Lifestyle! Build that necessary confidence; take a mommy or daddy day or a mommy/daddy and me day. Get on that plane, ride that bike, read that book. Do the things that you keep saying you will do but just have not been able to get around to it. Just don’t forget to do them with style and grace build a better you, because a better you means a better child no matter if you have children or not. Be the example for a child on the street, be an example for a little cousin or nephew or niece. Because they are our tomorrow so make sure to check your Reflection today!
Take time to think about you today and how you can become better for someone else !

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