Potential vs Proof


What is potential?

I’m sure we all have our own definitions of what consist of potential, but the Webster version states that “Potential is having or showing the CAPACITY to become or develop into something in the future. Another definition of Potential is, latent qualities or abilities that MAY be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.   So what is Proof then?  Well the definition of proof is evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement. So let me break this down for you right quick! In both definitions of potential the tone the definition is in speaks possibility, using words like “capacity” and “may” indicates that something is there but the end result is unknown. Meaning that certain characteristics may be present and are available but if they are not worked on and or even noticed the end result can be altered. When instead the definition for Proof indicates assurance, the word “evidence” and “fact” was used meaning that no matter what order or way something may present itself the final result will be the same resulting in “proof”.

Now that we got that little lesson out-of-the-way! Think about every time you fell in love with Potential and if or any time you have fell in love with Proof. Often times Woman get stigmatized with the notation that we fall in love with potential often. Women, have a tendency to see the “Potential” in a man and want to bring that to life. And often times, results in trying to change him in order to bring forth what we sometimes feel he has in him. And feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but as woman we fall short in this area. I’m guilty so I’m not playing the blame game at all! But as women we sometimes feel like we can change a man and WE CAN”T it’s that simple! In all actuality we are not supposed to be changing him but in fact enhancing him and helping him birth the things that are already inside of him,  the things that he is aware of to help him become great. Not putting things inside him trying to change him and birth the potential that you see and he may not! There goes that word May again! Ladies you get potential when we are seeing what we think needs to be birthed.  You get proof when he is seeing what needs to be birthed and makes steps towards that. Our potential may not be his proof and it will never come to pass if he can’t see it. This goes for every relationship we try to see the good and that’s fine but we have to learn to expect everyone to be themselves!

Now ladies im all for girl power lol! But I am also all for giving credit when its due. And I feel like we could learn a thing or two from the fellas in this area. Not all but Most are total opposite in this retrospect. Men fall for “Proof” they can see the potential all day in woman and may even entertain a few but the woman he chooses to marry is his version of “PROOF”.  Somehow men learned and took a class that we skipped over lol, but they are very aware that just because someone has potential does not mean that the end result will birth the proof that they are expecting. They look for attributes and actions that support the “Proof “ that they would like to be birthed and come about. Have you ever heard of the saying “  If you ever want to know the type of man he is Look at his wife” . Men look for Proof because they understand that their spouse, their children, anything with a direct connection to them is a representation of him. They are his Reflection! not one that’s made but a reflection that was already there and radiates with ease. He understands that the actions and evidence that one displays is direct evidence  and “PROOF” of his Very own REFLECTION. Comment you thoughts below LETs TALK !

thoughts below LET’S TALK !

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