Safety Net!

I read a Quote by  Rupi Kaur that stated “If I knew what safety looked like I would have spent less time  falling into the arms that were not”.  

Now this specific quote can be interpreted many different ways. The quote can also pertain to many different situations. It does not have to be taken so literal. For example: the word arms can be used as a filler word or code for places, decisions, ideals, addictions and of course people. Read the Quote over and think about what the Quote means to you ?

For some it can get real personal, for others it may not mean anything at all. But as I read this Quote my immediate thought was how can i be a safety net for my children, loved ones and the people around me so that this quote will never have to apply to them. Now let’s be honest !!! For some of us this quote (myself included) speaks volumes. But in order to learn life, you have to go through it. We all know that life has its ups and downs. But what about this? What about being proactive! Our first initial response when we think on things that make us “feel” is to react to our emotions and play off of the feeling we have, despite what those emotions are. But what about changing that response? What about channeling that energy! Become a safety net for your children. Become the arms that shows them safety so that they are never falling into harms way. Be the change! Be the safety net for your children,siblings, best friend, mother, aunt,nephew,father,uncle or niece. Show them what security is, be a listening ear, keep conversations sacred, tell them you love  them, encourgae them. Do this so that we stop enouraging the people we love the most to live a life via trial and error. Life will come with hurts but some hurts are avoidable.

We seem to be a reactive society its time to be proactive stop the cycle before it starts. Tell someone you are proud of them. Encourage that classmate that is giving up on school, don’t allow them to fall into the arms of Defeat and never walk across the stage with you. Encourage and cheer loved ones, strangers, and anyone else in between on because the people  that we are cheering for will cheer for others and one day the child they cheered on may be the person who cheers your child or grandchild to the finish line! Be a safety net! If you can help it don’t allow people to fall into harms way! Because remember it’s not just clothing its a lifestyle “Reflection” What are your ideas and opinions on this Quote Lets talk ?

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