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What can turn dark into light, fear into courage, tears into laughter, pain into purpose and disappointments into motivations. Its only one thing that  comes to mind! Thats right im sure you didn’t guess it lol FAMILY.

I’m sure most people figured i would say love and although love contributes to all the above love is also an action and sometimes we can love right and other times love wrong! That’s a whole other post though lol! Anyway Family is the one aspect in life that can give you hope and make you believe in all of the infinite possibilities this world has to offer! And yes nobody has a perfect family and some people have had bad experiences with family and may not have been as fortunate as others. But  do not fail to realize that your initial family is only one aspect of the family makeup that you will encounter in your life. So for the people who may not have had the best childhood memory of family it’s still hope!


Family is Strength! Family brings out a fight in you that nothing else can.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the one you start in, the one you end up in, or the one you create either way its specific people placed around you to contribute to getting you to where you need to go. People often say you can’t choose your family and NO you cannot choose your initial family but you can choose who you consider family and who you make a family with! So solace can be found in the idea that you do have some control! You see family is a touchy subject for most we fail to understand the actual dynamics of it that’s why. And it’s pretty simple

Family is the one word that consist of LOVE, LOYALTY, TRUST, STRENGTH, CONNECTION, BLOOD (although not all family is blood),patients, kindness, faith, Dreams, belief ,help and togetherness. Everything that’s needed to endure life’s obstacles. God equips us with everything we need to make it in life. The greatest tool of all is family, the one place you can get wisdom, love, compassion and constructive criticism  all at one. Family is your strength, without people to believe in you hope can be lost. Sometimes it’s not enough to believe in yourself sometimes you need at least one person to believe in you enough that they are able to get you to believe in yourself to reach higher heights. Family is not perfect and enables you to be vulnerable but with it the possibilities are endless! And fortunately I was blessed with an awesome family but one of the most important lessons they have taught me is no matter what you don’t give up on family! So to anyone struggle with this idea and ready to give up its still hope things may not seem ideal now but eventually you will understand just how important this one Word can become in your life.  All families are Different But they are all worth it!  Remember it’s not just clothing its a lifestyle!


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