Often times Our initial reaction to circumstances that come about in our life are because of the experiences we have had to face. I understand all to well that some days it can get hard to comprehend every feeling and try to make light of every dark situation that comes about. But you have to! If you stop someone else may not be able to continue. You never know who you may be a blessing for. And if you never make it to the next destination, and  chose to give up, or throw in the towel you may be stopping someone else’s process. And I’m sure your thinking why should I care about someone else’s process! Simple!! Because if everyone in the world took that approach to life nobody would get anywhere. It’s someone out there that is meant to help you get to where you need to go. An if that person decided to give up and never make it to being able to help you do whatever it is that you need to do you may not be able to fulfill your purpose in life and or your process may be pro longed.  So although life gets hard DON’T STOP!!! IT never rains forever and things have the potential to improve as long as you are able to position yourself and your mind frame for improvements. Trust the process!!  Remember it’s not just clothing its a Lifestyle !

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