Often times change is associated with a bad feeling. A lot of people think of change and are immediately uncomfortable. People become uneasy and even sometimes worrisome. Failing to realize that the only way to actually become comfortable with change is to embrace it and expect it. Change is a way of life not something that just happens in life.  The more you grow the more you change that’s inevitable we grow and change as life goes on physically. But often times we leave behind the mental aspect of change and refuse to just let it happen. We ponder and contemplate the choices that need to be made instead of just embracing them and allowing them to happen like we often do the physical change.  The physical change is expected we know we will grow old, get taller or shorter, get bigger or smaller and these changes are ok because we feel as though we don’t have control over it and this change will take place either way. But what we don’t realize is that it works the same way with circumstances and how we develop mentally. Change does not always feel good but the growth that comes with it along with the wisdom is always worth it! Remember it’s not just clothing it’s a lifestyle!   GROW

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