Focused Pocus


hatIT seems soooo easy to get distracted by the trials of life.. So much that we focus more on our problems than anything else. And then one day you wake up and boom you  decide to do something different. We say “ I will start working out” or “I will eat better” even “I’m going to start budgeting and saving money”. Whatever it is that we choose to do differently may work for a while and  even distract us for the moment. I mean some even start dating to pass the time. But often times we lose sight of why we started and never really had a reason as to why you wanted to do something different… outside of the fact that you no longer wanted to focus on the bad. So instead of the choices you wanted to change being used for actual change, it really just ends up being a distraction for you until another problem comes about.  So choose a goal and make a choice to pursue that goal because you want to be better, not just to stay distracted.  We all Do it let’s be honest!!!  Looking for distractions are an easy way out, but setting goals and accomplishing them makes for a easier life overall . Do different because it will change your life not just change your mind for the moment!  You don’t want the changes to be like MAGIC one minute its there and the next it’s not! Lol You want it to stick so find a reason make a goal and keep pushing until that goal is met … o yea and remember it’s not just clothing it’s a lifestyle !


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