Count It All JOY!

The New Year is often times one of the best times for people! It brings about a clean slate, you know a fresh and invigorating start! Often times we are at our peak in the beginning of the year, highly motivated and extremely attentive. Shoot that’s when most of our creative juices are flowing and all of our amazing ideas are at the fore front of our priorities. It seems like every goal is obtainable and nothing can get in your way. But then reality starts to kick in and life starts to happen… Right?? Wrong!! The first few days of the New Year should be just like day 58 or 260. Our attitudes define how Day 1, 2 or even 3 may go … just as well as day 60,120 or 360. Renewing your mind is a daily process not a yearly process. It’s crucial to reflect daily, renew daily, and remember what you want and don’t want and really push towards your goals each day that passes. Once this concept is able to be understood the view that we partake on life can and will change. I’m guilty of allowing life to happen and my focus being thrown off. Just like so many others. Plan A didn’t work the first time around because it just needed a little tweaking… But instead of practicing trial and error we throw the whole plan away and jump to Plan B. When Plan A never really failed… we just may have not spent the necessary time on it because we got a NO, Or something came up… or because we just flat out don’t “feel” like it anymore. We often times fall in love with the idea of a fresh start and getting a new beginning and that’s why we Love the New Year so much. Not realizing that anything you want to be successful at you have to first fall in love with it. Anything you love you work for it. The New Year brings uncertainty and we embrace it in the beginning but nobody wants to embrace uncertainty in the middle or when they “feel” like they should be at a certain point. Embracing uncertainty is critical, you have to love the idea of uncertainty because being successful at being uncertain brings the most freedom. It allows for life to happen, for things to fall in place and for God to do whatever he needs to do in your life. “The law of detachment” The Chopra Center speaks of this stating uncertainty is your path to freedom. Just as much can happen on day 1 as on day 260! Don’t fall into the trap of time, things will happen when it’s supposed to happen but anything worth having is worth working for! What you put in is what you will get out so make the WHOLE year count!!! Remember it’s not just clothing it’s a lifestyle #REFLECTION

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