70c4041f-60ea-470b-ad42-416f4c8d74c0.jpegTo love and to be loved, one of the greatest gifts in life. And what better love than a parent and child. It doesn’t matter if you are blood, step, or even owner (my pet lovers) our children are the most important attributes in this world. They are our future, and our children are a representation of us. Simply put our children are the reflection of ourselves to the world. Be the example that you want to see in the world and do it with love, but first start at home.

Reflection is a Clothing line for Families, i.e. Mommy and Me, Daddy and Me clothing apparel. The idea behind the company is to get individuals to understand that your children are a reflection of you. They are a product of your inner self so our focus is to bring understanding and clarity to individuals so that it’s understood that although you may look good on the outside, it’s your inside that ultimately determines how you are perceived. This can either add value to your overall apparel choice or diminish your outside appearance. Children are a direct reflection of the adults they are surrounded by. “When you look into the mirror what do you see, A little ME”.

“Reflections” is Owned by Bianca Parker-Allen who was a single mother of two. She has never failed to throw herself into her children without them and her looking the part. One day while having a conversation about what she wanted out of life, it was brought to her attention that fashion and her children are two things she strives in. Her mother, who was also a single mother, would tell her when she was younger that, “when you leave the house you are a reflection of me”. Something Bianca later found herself telling her children. Hence, the name “Reflection”. Our goal is to get society to realize that taking responsibility for your Reflection inside and out will peak the change that is needed for our children who will one day become the adults of our world. It not just Clothing its a Lifestyle!