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The New Year is often times one of the best times for people! It brings about a clean slate, you know a fresh and invigorating start! Often times we are at our peak in the beginning of the year, highly motivated and extremely attentive. Shoot that’s when most of our creative juices are flowing and all of our amazing ideas are at the fore front of our priorities. It seems like every goal is obtainable and nothing can get in your way. But then reality starts to kick in and life starts to happen… Right?? Wrong!! The first few days of the New Year should be just like day 58 or 260. Our attitudes define how Day 1, 2 or even 3 may go … just as well as day 60,120 or 360. Renewing your mind is a daily process not a yearly process. It’s crucial to reflect daily, renew daily, and remember what you want and don’t want and really push towards your goals each day that passes. Once this concept is able to be understood the view that we partake on life can and will change. I’m guilty of allowing life to happen and my focus being thrown off. Just like so many others. Plan A didn’t work the first time around because it just needed a little tweaking… But instead of practicing trial and error we throw the whole plan away and jump to Plan B. When Plan A never really failed… we just may have not spent the necessary time on it because we got a NO, Or something came up… or because we just flat out don’t “feel” like it anymore. We often times fall in love with the idea of a fresh start and getting a new beginning and that’s why we Love the New Year so much. Not realizing that anything you want to be successful at you have to first fall in love with it. Anything you love you work for it. The New Year brings uncertainty and we embrace it in the beginning but nobody wants to embrace uncertainty in the middle or when they “feel” like they should be at a certain point. Embracing uncertainty is critical, you have to love the idea of uncertainty because being successful at being uncertain brings the most freedom. It allows for life to happen, for things to fall in place and for God to do whatever he needs to do in your life. “The law of detachment” The Chopra Center speaks of this stating uncertainty is your path to freedom. Just as much can happen on day 1 as on day 260! Don’t fall into the trap of time, things will happen when it’s supposed to happen but anything worth having is worth working for! What you put in is what you will get out so make the WHOLE year count!!! Remember it’s not just clothing it’s a lifestyle #REFLECTION


To all you lovely blog readers out there … I had some help with this month’s Blog Post. You know what I say it’s not just clothing it’s a lifestyle! .. With that being said it’s only right that my Darling Husband helped me out with this specific post. Now I’m going to be completely honest and transparent in this post lol like all post… so this was all his Idea lol but I must say he had my wheels spinning with the presentation of the discussion… so guess what I did … yep you guessed it I borrowed it lol !  We are a team so I didn’t steal the idea lol WE SHARE lol! Now that I got that disclosure out of the way lets jump right into it!

Are there any authentic people left? (Question of the moment) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Authentic? Well the first thing that came to my mind when hearing the word authentic was rare … let me explain when something is authentic it’s not many like it. No matter what you are pairing the word with, wither its people, places or things if something is authentic I immediately think it’s something special, something that you can’t just find or get anywhere, something that was first or only one of, so yes there are still authentic people left.  Well when my DH (darling husband for those of you who don’t know what DH means) heard authentic he immediately thought genuine. He interpreted more of an action then a “thing” like me. Let me explain… he stated when someone is authentic they are genuine, truly doing what it is that you believe in and your actions will reflect (Reflections you see that! ) your authentic or genuine nature.. So yes there are still authentic people left. Two different interpretations, same conclusion (although they aren’t too far off you get the drift).  Now you all know I like definitions!!! .. So the word authentic actually carries a few definitions… (1) Of undisputed origin; genuine (DH hit the nail on the head with this one) (2) based on facts; accurate or reliable and (3) made or done in the traditional or original way, or in a way that faithfully resembles and original( I think I came darn close to this one).

So this conversation was a Segway into the difference of authentic and original. DH felt like yes there are authentic people but not original people because originality is taught in a sense. Most people’s belief systems were based off of what they were taught as a child. So your morals are based off of what someone instilled in you, so can it be original? But honestly that depends on the definition that your belief resonates with the most (AS FAR AS AUTHENTIC IS CONCERNED). He used the example for those of you who have been following reflections as to how the name “Reflections” came about. For those who are new and don’t know I’ll tell you … when I was younger my mother would tell me before I leave the house that I am a reflection of her and to act according, something I now tell our children. It’s a concept I genuinely believed but the mindset came from her so ….technically it’s not original but it’s Authentic. Another example he used was young children especially young African American children are taught to “don’t snitch “and ultimately see this as code but its authentic because that’s how they genuinely feel, but it’s not an original thought its learned behavior. But my DH is speaking in a sense of two different concepts because of the definition of authentic that he resonated with.  Now when I think of original I think of people making something their own. Although an idea can generate from another the point of originality is to display your individuality within the idea that was given to you to make it your own. To use the idea of the name “Reflection” …yes the original idea came from my mother but I infused my individuality into the concept and made it a Brand. And the Brand is now an Original because it was not done prior to me. In order for something to be original you don’t have to change the concept or the belief within it, all it takes is one small change of something to make it new, original or even authentic. The fashion industry does this all the time. One company will put out a design and it’s the original design. Another company will put out that same design but have one less button and now the new design has become its own original copy of the first design, and now faithfully resembles the original but yet is still different.  The music industry does this as well…Artist redo classic songs all the time use the same beat and change a few words or add a drum and low and behold you have a new song. Now, if you have been paying attention the last definition of authentic displays this same concept. It also includes the word original. I feel like they are one in the same but only because the third definition of authentic was the definition that resonated with me the most. It’s no right or wrong answer to any of these questions it’s all about perception. This world is forever changing and both authentic and original people are needed to improve the lives of others but there are some people who are one in the same the people who are genuine in their actions and decisions but also spark a little originality and individuality within their day to day lifestyles. Remember it’s not just clothing it’s a lifestyle.  You can be both genuine and original or you can be all in one it all depends on you! Let us know what you think and what your thoughts and opinions are comment below !!! #Reflections

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Focused Pocus


hatIT seems soooo easy to get distracted by the trials of life.. So much that we focus more on our problems than anything else. And then one day you wake up and boom you  decide to do something different. We say “ I will start working out” or “I will eat better” even “I’m going to start budgeting and saving money”. Whatever it is that we choose to do differently may work for a while and  even distract us for the moment. I mean some even start dating to pass the time. But often times we lose sight of why we started and never really had a reason as to why you wanted to do something different… outside of the fact that you no longer wanted to focus on the bad. So instead of the choices you wanted to change being used for actual change, it really just ends up being a distraction for you until another problem comes about.  So choose a goal and make a choice to pursue that goal because you want to be better, not just to stay distracted.  We all Do it let’s be honest!!!  Looking for distractions are an easy way out, but setting goals and accomplishing them makes for a easier life overall . Do different because it will change your life not just change your mind for the moment!  You don’t want the changes to be like MAGIC one minute its there and the next it’s not! Lol You want it to stick so find a reason make a goal and keep pushing until that goal is met … o yea and remember it’s not just clothing it’s a lifestyle !


Trust the process !

Trusting the process is a task that not many have mastered. Some days its easier then others to keep tugging towards your goals. And other days well… they are just that other days. On those days it seems like things just go wrong and nothing seems to be going according. Some days it seems like the anxiety of the world is on your shoulders and you feel so heavy and bogged down. Lets be honest days like that are hard, they are long, and they are extremely draining! But its these days that build the character that is so easily displayed on good days. The hard days allow us to be grateful for the good days, the days that everything goes just right. Trusting the process means excepting both sides because for every 1 goal that is met you may have 10 obstacles that you have to jump over but once you reach the finish line you are stronger, you have learned what works and what doesn’t work,  an yes.. you are tired but you are also victorious. So take it day by day. Never forget to reflect and embrace that’s how you learn! Remember its not just clothing it’s a lifestyle! #REFLECTION

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Often times change is associated with a bad feeling. A lot of people think of change and are immediately uncomfortable. People become uneasy and even sometimes worrisome. Failing to realize that the only way to actually become comfortable with change is to embrace it and expect it. Change is a way of life not something that just happens in life.  The more you grow the more you change that’s inevitable we grow and change as life goes on physically. But often times we leave behind the mental aspect of change and refuse to just let it happen. We ponder and contemplate the choices that need to be made instead of just embracing them and allowing them to happen like we often do the physical change.  The physical change is expected we know we will grow old, get taller or shorter, get bigger or smaller and these changes are ok because we feel as though we don’t have control over it and this change will take place either way. But what we don’t realize is that it works the same way with circumstances and how we develop mentally. Change does not always feel good but the growth that comes with it along with the wisdom is always worth it! Remember it’s not just clothing it’s a lifestyle!   GROW